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Designing Tomorrow's Aerial Solutions

3D Printed Plane Designs

Take to the skies with Flightory’s 3D printed planes. Here, you’ll find a collection of RC airplane designs in various sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

Flightory is a forward-thinking project dedicated to providing accessible unmanned aerial vehicle platforms. We specialize in a diverse range of fixed-wing drone projects with a mission to enhance the capabilities of small UAVs, ensuring they are accessible, cost-effective, and globally available. Our 3D-printed plane designs empower users to swiftly and independently assemble drones from anywhere in the world. We offer customized design services, project support, and CFD analysis, all while maintaining a diligent design approach that prioritizes aerodynamic optimization and real-flight testing. Our focus is on providing customers with reliable, high-performance 3D printed planes tailored to their unique needs, allowing both professionals and enthusiasts to unlock unparalleled capabilities. Join our drone community to share experiences and find inspiration among like-minded enthusiasts.

All 3D Printing files

Discover the full collection of 3D printing files, featuring not only 3D Printed Plane projects but also variety of other designs.

How to Use our Products in a nutshell

Buy and Download the Project with printable files

Among our offer you will find many fixed-wing aircraft designs, as well as VTOLs. Most of them are perfect for FPV flights and have potential for professional use, autonomous flights, and other demanding missions. The purchased files will be ready for download immediately after payment and will also be sent to you via email. If you create an account, you will also find them in your customer panel. Check the product description and the user manual, where you will find detailed information about the aircraft, build guide, and a list of required materials and electronics.

Print the parts and get the necessary equipment

Our designs are available in STL format, with some files also provided in STEP to facilitate editing and customization for different cameras, antennas, sensors, etc. The user manuals contain necessary information about printing and the recommended orientation of parts on the print bed. The airframes are primarily intended for LW-PLA material, with additional components printed from other filaments. Detailed print settings can be found in the Print Settings Tab. Both the instructions and product descriptions include complete lists of required building materials and electronics.

Build your aircraft

Following the user manual, build your airframe and equip it with the necessary electronics. All airplanes are designed to accommodate a flight controller and other components that allow for autonomous flight. We recommend Ardupilot firmware, which is an excellent open-source system with a well-documented knowledge base. However, you can also successfully use other systems or fly most airplanes entirely manually. If you encounter any questions or difficulties during printing, building, or configuring the electronics, feel free to join the Tech Group on Facebook. Our users are eager to share their experiences and experiment with Flightory platforms. Let’s build this community of small aviation enthusiasts together!

Take to the skies

It’s time for the first flights. Ensure that the airplane is well-configured, the control sur move in the correct direction, the propellers rotate properly, and the center of gravity is in the right place. Before flying, also check local regulations regarding drone flights and make sure to comply with them. Good luck with your builds!