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Upcoming projects

Recently, I have started several projects with different concepts. They are in the initial phase, but the main assumptions and shape are already clear. The models are also after succesful CFD tests. I will spend the nearest time developing these projects one by one. Due to the fact that there is a lot of it and it requires a lot of work, it will probably take some time. In this article, I will briefly introduce each of them.



MaterialLW PLA, PLA, Plywood
MotorT-Motor 2814 900KV or similar
Battery3000-5000mah 4S

Stork is a classic layout plane with V-tail and pusher propeller. Its characteristics are focused on long and stable flights. The material from which it will be made is mainly LW-PLA with PLA elements. I am planning several modular segments that will be possible to quickly replace and adapt to the needs. It will be possible to mount various types of sports cameras and fpv systems. I plan to build my prototype in such a way that the fuselage will be printed and the wings cut out of foam with hotwire cutter. Of course there will also be a fully printed version. If the project develops successfully, I think it is a good platform to prepare a fully composite version. Perhaps in the near future it will be possible to make molds and build it entirely of glass and carbon fiber. The model is in the most advanced stage of all presented here and testing of the prototype will start soon. I will soon open an article dedicated only to this model.


Material LW-PLA, PLA, Carbon, Plywood

The Lark is an aircraft inspired by the RQ11 Raven. Size is also very similar, wingspan is 1350mm. Aircraft will be 4 channel, wings have no dihedral angle and will have ailerons. I plan to make a mixed construction of LW-PLA, regular PLA and carbon elements. The nose section will be modular, I plan to make more versions of the nose with the option of different cameras or other payload. We’ll see how the project develops, maybe in the future I’ll also make a composite version. For now, it’s just a preliminary shape for CFD testing.


MaterialLW-PLA, PLA, Plywood / Composite

Skygazer is another project I started. This is a classic double-tailboom layout. Wingspan is 2500mm. It will be made of PLA, LW-PLA and carbon parts. In prototype, I plan to make wing cores out of foam using hotwire cutter and laminate them with fiberglass. After testing printed prototype, I plan to develop full composite version. It’s longer project that I would like to adapt to professional use, while being affordable.


MaterialLW-PLA, PLA, Plywood

Fighter is another V-Tail design with a single pusher motor. In this model wingspan is 1350mm, which makes the plane very compact and easy to transport. It is supposed to be suitable for long, stable cruising, but also for faster and aggressive flights. Work on this model will start soon.

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