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Stingray – New FPV Flying Wing Design

Stingray is the first 3D printing plane design that I decided to share. I started with the design and implementation of the EPP foam prototype. The flights went very well, aircraft is stable, it’s difficult to stall, it has good flight characteristics over a wide range of angles of attack. Well suited for long stable flights, but also for fast and aggressive flying. It will be great for FPV, but also good as a compact wing for fun LOS flights.

This is how the prototype I made of foam looks like:

Short shot from one of the first flights. There are more videos from the flight and build of the prototype on Instagram, so if you are interested, I invite you.

After the success of the prototype, I started to prepare a printed version. Almost all geometry has been preserved. However, the shape of the fuselage has changed. The transition of the fuselage into the wings is much smoother, and space inside the fuselage is wider. Mainly to make long batteries fit horizontally and make it easier to adjust balance and center of gravity.

I decided that the model will be made of LW-PLA. I tested different print settings and I managed to find good solution that is a compromise between durability and weight. I use a single wall, 5% gyroid filling. All settings are available in my Cura profile which you can download. Some items that need more hardness are made of PLA or PET-G.
This is how the full visualization of the design looks like:

As you can see, I designed it for the DJI Action 2 camera. Version with a nose without camera is also ready. Soon I will design a nose prepared for GoPro and Runcam 2. As for the FPV system, I adapted design for Walksnail Avatar VTX and a nano-sized camera. Also ready is the version without FPV camera. Of course, I will also prepare a version for analog and for DJI FPV system. I still need some time for this, but it will appear for sure soon.

Basic Aircraft data:

  • Wingspan: 1090mm
  • Leght: 570mm
  • Print Weight: Around 400g

Recommended equipment:

  • 2830 1200KV Propdrive
  • ESC 40A
  • 9×4,7 Propeller
  • 3700 mAh 4S LiPo
  • 2x Metal Gear Micro Servos

And this is how ready to fly aircraft looks like:

Flight footage coming soon. You can buy STL files here.

See also User Manual where I described the construction details and more.

I will be grateful for feedback. The project is in development, corrections, improvements or extensions will appear in future.

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