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Mini Plank

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Mini Plank – Compact FPV Wing







Optimal Speed

45-55 km/h

Bed Size

min. 220x220mm




Super Stingray

Super Stingray - High Performance 3D Printed FPV Wing with modular design.

29.99 $


General Data

Introducing Mini Plank. A small 650mm wingspan FPV Wing in Plank layout. Tested in long range flights as well as fast close range flying. Its size allows to take it anywhere with you. Build is quick and simple. In addition to the STL files, you'll also find a number of STEP files, allowing you to easily edit and adapt the parts to suit your own custom needs. Despite its small size, the interior of the fuselage is spacious and will accommodate all the components needed. Recommended Li-Ion 3S1P 3AH battery allows for at least 30 minutes of flight, with F1507 motor and 4x5 propeller, providing high thrust for an aggressive flight style. However, horizontal flight is possible with as little as 30% power. The aircraft's stability is ensured by carefully designed geometry and a great PW75 airfoil. CFD results, have proven themselves, and the aircraft shows adequate stability and good flight characteristics, including smooth stall characteristics with no tendency to spin and good gliding ability. The flight-ready prototype weighed 360g resulting in about 28g/dm^2 wing load. This result can still be slightly improved by paying more attention to saving weight, using lighter wires, connectors, or reducing the infill of some parts.

Build and Flight Video

Check assembly manual, full list of needed accessories and more tips here:


FPV or Clean Version. Available in STEP format.
You can modify to suit your needs.


Some other parts are also available in STEP format to make editing easier if you need to customize something for your own equipment.



Geometry is designed to provide the best possible characteristics. Excellent and well-tested PW75 airfoil was selected for this project. It is a reflex airfoil designed specifically for planks. With the center of gravity located 35mm from the leading edge, stability and the zero pitching moment at zero angle of attack is maintained. Angles of attack for optimal CL/CD distribution are in the range of 2 to 4 degrees. The optimal cruising speed is between 45 and 55 km/h.

Required accessories:

4x645mm Carbon Tube (MAIN SPAR) linklink 1
4x310mm Carbon Tube (SPAR) linklink 1
Thin CA Glue link 1
CA Activator link 1
M3 Threaded Insert (Outer Ø5mm, height 5mm) link 2
M3 screw 6
LW-PLA linklink About 150g
PLA / PETG link Small amount
Polyester hinge 20x25mm link 6
Pen spring 1
Velcro Strap link 1
Control Horn link 2
Pushrod e.g. linklink 2

Reccomended electronics:

Motor T-Motor F1507 3800KV link
Propeller 4x4 / 4x5 / 4x2,5  link
ESC 20A BlHeliS link
Battery Li-Ion 3S1P 3000mAh or similar LiPo linklink
Servos 2x Corona 929MG Metal Gear or similar linklink
Flight Controller Matek F405 WMN link
GPS Matek M10Q or similar GPS with compass link
Receiver Matek R24-D ELRS or similar link
ESC Digital or analog VTX linklink

Print Settings:
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