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Lark – High-performance 3D printed UAV designed for optimal efficienty. Offering over 4-hour flight time and features modularity and versatile customization.







Optimal Speed

50-60 km/h

Bed Size

min. 220x220mm




Super Stingray

Super Stingray - High Performance 3D Printed FPV Wing with modular design.

29.99 $


General Data

Introducing Lark - Cutting edge 3D-printed plane tailored to your needs. Designed for optimal performance and compact versatility. Configured with a classic layout with a pusher propeller and tail boom. Thoroughly tested in real flights and using CFD, aircraft proves its reliability and performance through rigorous evaluation. Crafted with accessibility and modularity in mind, the aircraft's nose section is detachable, allowing for customization with various cameras, sensors, and other payloads. The default configuration accommodates a standard 19x19mm FPV camera and VTX conveniently placed in the nose. All design files are available in STL format, with some important parts in STEP, facilitating easy editing and adaptation to user requirements, such as alternative camera mounts, antennas, and other equipment. Equipped with the recommended motor, propeller, and a 21Ah 4S6P battery, Lark can achieve optimal energy consumption and a flight time exceeding 4 hours. The significant power reserve also allows for the use of 3S battery packs. The flexibility in adapting the aircraft to individual needs is substantial, empowering users to create a platform tailored to their specific requirements and mission objectives. With its unmatched versatility, our 3D-printed UAV is the perfect solution for users seeking a customizable and high-performance aerial platform.

Check assembly manual, full list of needed accessories and more tips here:


Modular nose design for versatile payload options. Easily customize your UAV's nose section to meet specific mission needs. Also available in STEP format.


STEP files of important parts provided for easy customization. Modify and adapt components effortlessly to suit your unique requirements.




Designed for optimal aerodynamic performance, the Lark features the Eppler E193 airfoil, ensuring stability with a well-positioned center of gravity 66mm from the leading edge. Operating efficiently between 0 and 2 degrees of AoA at speeds of 50 to 60 km/h, the aircraft achieves maximum efficiency. Equipped with the recommended motor, propeller, and 4S battery, aircraft maintains steady level flight at around 30% power, drawing an average current of 4A and delivering over 4 hours of flight time. The substantial power reserve allows for the use of a 3S battery if desired, offering flexibility in motor and battery selection based on user preferences. Additionally, the aircraft is configurable for manual or automatic flight modes without the need for a flight controller.

Required accessories:

10x500mm Carbon Tube (MAIN SPAR) linklink 1
6x500mm Carbon Tube linklink 3
12x430mm Carbon Tube (TAIL BOOM) linklink 1
6x200mm Carbon Tube (V STAB SPAR) linklink 1
6x384mm Carbon Tube (H STAB SPAR) linklink 1
Thin CA Glue link 20g tube
CA Activator link 1 (optional but useful)
M3 Threaded Insert (Outer Ø5mm, height 5mm) link 13
M3 screw 17
M3 nut 4
LW-PLA linklink 1 roll
PETG link Small amount
Polyester hinge 25x20mm e.g link 11
Pen spring 1
Velcro strap link 2
Servo extension cable link 3
Control Horn link 3
Pushrod linklink 3

Reccomended electronics:

Motor T-Motor F90 1300KV link
Propeller 7x4 / 7x5 / 7x6 link
Flight Controller Speedybee F405 Wing or any other Mavlink FC linklink
GPS Matek M10Q or similar GPS with compass link
Servos 3x Corona 929MG Metal Gear or similar linklink
ESC BlHeliS 30-40A link
Battery 4S (max 4S6P 21Ah Li-Ion) or smaller pack / 3S battery also possible link
Receiver Matek R24-D ELRS or similar link
VTX Digital or analog VTX linklink

Printing Settings:
Check the specified print settings on the Print Settings Page