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Micro Servo Mount

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3D Printed Base for Micro Servo Standard.


Talon 1400

Talon 1400 - High-performance 3D printed UAV with up to 4-hour flight time and versatile customization

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Servo base with cover design for micro servos. Fits perfectly with all standard standard servos. It will work especially well in the wings. You will need four M3 threaded inserts with an outer diameter of 5mm and a height of 5mm. Use short M3 screws to mount the cover.

Print Settings

  • 0,2mm layer height
  • 8%-10% infill
  • Hard materials like PLA, PET-G, ABS are good. You can also use LW-PLA
    which fits perfectly into the foam wings

Additional Items Needed

  • 4x M3 threaded insert. Outer diameter-5mm, height-5mm
  • 4x short M3 screws